Coaching Directors

Fairstead executive coaching is specifically designed to work in a business context.  We set up the coaching relationship working with the coachee’s leader and the coach to clarify and agree the aims of the coaching.  This is jointly monitored and developed during the coaching relationship.  Below is one example where the set up and coaching relationship had a real and positive impact on a high performance executive and the wider business.

Charles has been in a senior management position for some time running the business’ Spanish farms and gaining experience of working at this level and was due to be promoted to a MD role.

With Charles’ manager Fairstead helped them both to identify Charles’ leadership strengths and his core development needs for his current and future role, this took three stages:

  1. Preparation questions for both Charles and his manager
  2. Meeting together to go through the responses
  3. Mutually agreeing a set of objectives for the coaching process

When the objectives were agreed, Diane and Charles set up a series of six half day coaching sessions ‘in the field’- literally!  These coaching sessions were based on observing Charles working with his team in a normal working environment, both in the UK and in Spain.  The advantage of seeing Charles in action with his team was that this provided real data to review feedback and learn from.  The coaching sessions were therefore totally based on personal actions and totally applicable to Charles, his role and building his future potential.

On the fourth meeting Diane and Charles held a review session with Charles’ manager.  Here they discussed progress, ensured the development was on plan and meeting the mutually agreed objectives as well as updating to any changes as Charles developed.  Three further coaching sessions took place and then a final review meeting.

Charles has since been promoted and still uses coaching for occasional top up sessions with Diane.  He says:

‘My coaching has changed the way I work, I am thinking about our team values and our long term goals.  Using processes like the Balanced Score Card has focussed my attention on getting the right people in the right jobs which will drive our customer service.  I have changed my style to developing my team so they have learnt to take on the day to day operations.  I talk and listen to people differently, my team members have said they value being listened to.’


Charles Shropshire

MD Gs Camb’s Farms