“The personal coaching has made a huge contribution to my development as a leader and helped me to fulfill a personal ambition of becoming Managing Director of Fenmarc Produce Ltd. Every coaching session is different but always with a healthy mix of fun, soul searching, basking in achievements and reflecting on things that could have gone better. The coaching has helped me to understand more about me and, as a result, has improved my effectiveness as a leader and inspired stronger performance in those around me”
Richard Anderson, MD, Fenmarc Produce Ltd

Coaching is targeted personal learning which delivers great value for money and highly effective use of time.  Our coaching is high impact personal learning which takes place in a business context.  We have a proven track record of inspiring individuals to implement lasting personal change by:

  • Developing a 1:1 learning relationship based on trust
  • Mutually developing a clearly defined flexible plan and outcomes
  • 1:1 coaching sessions designed to meet individual needs using: personal reflection, work place observations and reflection and new knowledge to support change