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An Insight into Fairstead Development…

The purpose of this area is to provide a taster of the techniques/tools we use in our work, giving a little bit away of what we can do and our capabilities.

What you need to do is …… Leadership

‘What you need to do is …’ I was amazed.  I was talking to a colleague and was explaining an important issue that was niggling at me.  What I wasn’t ready for was being told what to do.  I am sure my colleague had the best of intentions when [more->]

Leadership & Firefighting

Years ago Diane used to work for a Director who loved dealing with the urgent issues of the day i.e. fire fighting.  He was energised by action and the adrenalin filled day of solving emergencies.  Getting to know him I observed if things were running well i.e. quiet, he [more->]

Binoculars and Leadership

Christmas came early for me last week when Diane gave me a new pair of binoculars!  I couldn’t believe how much better they were in comparison to my old pair;  I could see so much more through the lenses, as their ‘field of vision’ was much wider.

Later that week [more->]

Leadership and Cable Ties

Over the summer I have enjoyed visiting several factories owned by the same parent company.  What struck me about the visits was how the leadership style of each leader impacted on the site; in particular what the leaders ‘walked past’.  I started to take an unhealthy interest in cable [more->]

Humility and Leadership

Last month I had a reminder about the importance of humility as a leader.

Diane and I were sailing in Scotland and it was a particularly windy week.  We had managed to moor in a lovely marina on the island of Bute and the wind was blowing a hooley, in fact [more->]

Leadership Focus

Over the last few months I have been learning about a new client’s business.  This is part of my job and I have experienced this many times before.  Yet I am still perplexed by how easily I can fall into the ‘detail overload’ trap.

I set out with my usual [more->]

Sailing Leadership

This month we have been fortunate to have been sailing off the West coast of Scotland between the Inner Hebrides in fantastic sunshine and snow showers.  Diane and I have sailed together many times in many locations and it feels
like we are still re-learning the basics. What struck me [more->]

Fluent Leadership

This month I have enjoyed working with a team of lawyers developing their leadership styles.  The concept they wanted to learn is based on the premise that the more styles of leadership you can competently deliver with your team members, the more varied situations your team can handle.  Or [more->]

2D or 3D Leadership

I have been a fan of neuro scientist Professor Susan Greenfield for some time.  I enjoyed listening to her talking fluently this month about learning.  Using electrical imagery of the brain Prof. Greenfield has written extensively about the importance of human interaction on our ability to really learn ‘effectively’.

Prof. [more->]

Getting the Basics Right

Consistently Getting the Basics Right and the BBC Reith Lectures.
This week I was reviewing a very successful operations leader.  A year ago he was new to operations and during his 12 months in the role he has vastly increased productivity, reduced waste and engendered the good will of his [more->]

Engaged or Passive?

In the Spring I was invited to deliver a conference paper on ‘Passivity’.  Delivering a key message to 70 senior managers, including delegate participation is a pretty tough ask in a 30 min slot.  I was delighted at the impact, curiosity and engagement of the audience on the subject!

So [more->]

Steps to Success

Current Thinking: Are you Ready?

What has this to do with stairs?  As a Consultant over the last 20 years I have gained considerable experience working with clients going through change and learning.  This spring and summer we have been working with two clients who have set up and managed [more->]