Our Clients

We are proud of our achievements and the great partnerships we have built with our clients. We believe our success is best measured by the value we have added to our clients businesses, so we asked a handful of clients to describe how Fairstead has added value to their business, this is what they said:

“If I had to sum up my experience as Managing Director of the benefits of the Leadership Training delivered by Fairstead I would say career changing, mentally stimulating, challenging and rewarding.”

Peter Hawkins, Managing Director, Iceland Seafood Barraclough Ltd

Over the last couple of years 3 Musketeers and Suffolk Produce Ltd have invested in new equipment and their central team to create new opportunities and new ways of thinking. To ensure we continue to invest in the right calibre of people in the businesses we worked with Fairstead who developed and delivered a bespoke management development programme for 20 of our central team. The training has supported and challenged the team who now have a broader perspective and understanding of our culture to ensure we are fit for future opportunities.

Edward Blanchard, Managing Director, 3 Musketeers and Suffolk Produce Ltd

The greatest attribute at Fairstead is Diane and Malcolm, their enthusiasm and ability to get the most out of the training sessions delivering to meet our scope.  They are clearly skilled and experienced with significant business acumen and their personal delivery and human approach definitely appealed to our wide audience.

Stephen Hedderly, Managing Director, Bedfordshire Growers Ltd

Fairstead’s approach was highly focused on our business goals and their desire to work with the best people. The coaching style was successful in stretching our already highly competent managers into new areas of personal development and effectiveness. We are building our future business leaders from within and this style of coaching rapidly enables our good managers to understand how they can boost their performance within the organisation and raise their career aspirations

Nigel Davies, Manufacturing & Sustainability Director, Muntons plc

Fairstead have been a welcome breath of fresh air. As a result of them going the extra mile, we now have a positive and dynamic team leading the business forward in the same focused direction

Nick O’Hara, Managing Partner, Thursfields

My coaching has changed the way I work, I am thinking about our team values and our long term goals.  Using processes like the Balanced Score Card has focused my attention on getting the right people in the right jobs which will drive our customer service.  I have changed my style to developing my team so they learn to take on the day to day operations.  I talk and listen to people differently, my team members have said they value being listened to

Charles Shropshire, Farms Manager, Agricola Spain