Leadership Development

“When I took up the new role of MD at Iceland Seafoods Barraclough I knew there would be a significant benefit from developing the leadership team. The business had successfully grown from a small business and as is the norm had some bumps along the way with varying styles of leadership. The business needed to develop its perception and sophistication of leadership and what great leaders do.  In order to get the best from each other and develop the business productivity I wanted the leaders to believe and have the tools to be leaders – rather than just getting through a list of day to day tasks, ready for the same again the next day. We work in a competitive environment and to survive and grow we need to do an outstanding job for our customers through working as a team with effective communication which uses a shared language.

I have worked with Fairstead in other businesses and therefore seen how transformative this whole team learning can be.  They develop the learning tailored to each individual business situation and leadership team. Fairstead came and spent some time with our business and our team, getting the team involved in thinking about leadership and gaining their ownership to learning. After their visit we discussed ideas and details and honed this to the current programme including some Management skills I identified were needed as well. The programme is constantly evolving as the team learn and grow.

Their style is collaborative, supportive and yet still challenging individuals to display great leadership in every moment. The content of the training is more personally effective, and I would describe it as ‘inside out’ so the learning can apply equally to work and home or personal situations, which makes the learning ‘stick’.  The delegates are expected to have a go and implement their learning back at work and report back to the team on how they have got on – highlighting successes and if more practice is needed.  Over time this approach builds self-confidence and an opportunity for all to challenge and support in a learning environment, practicing leadership skills in real life in real time.

This approach creates a genuine competitive advantage for our business and a common way of working across our whole team that all stakeholders can see. Watching members of the team realign their life goals and fulfil far greater percentages of their potential is immensely rewarding.

If I had to sum up my experience as Managing Director of the benefits of the Leadership Training delivered by Fairstead I would say career changing, mentally stimulating, challenging and rewarding.”

Peter Hawkins – Managing Director, Iceland Seafood Barraclough Ltd